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Music has Nothing to do with Sound; Music has Nothing to do with Time

Happy Birthday, Graham!!!

At Rob's urging, I have begun to investigate JSTOR, and it has turned out to be a marvelous resource of "over 30 music journals." It has articles on John Zorn's Theatre of Musical Optics (from which my subject heading comes), Brian Ferneyhough's "Bone Alphabet" (I'm still determined to learn that piece, even though I am currently reconsidering my repertoire priorities), the John Cage/Pierre Boulez letters (don't forget the 'Z'; it is striking how much like love letters they seem),... still no information on what a "Northwest Indian rattle" is, though. I haven't even scratched the surface of JSTOR! Recently, I was saddened by Brynn's change of events; however, personal health is paramount. Hopefully she can take solace in that. There is still much to be done (especially by me, truth be told) to get "Third Construction" from acceptable to exciting. Currently scheming on materializing a performance of "Crippled Symmetry." Even though "Why Patterns?" is my favorite and the opening page of "For Philip Guston" is some of the most spectacular music ever written, I do feel drawn to "Crippled Symmetry," like one is "drawn to an old lover." (Take that, Joan Lee!) Mills College? I'll keep that in the back of my mind for now. I just watched "Walkabout" and I don't yet know what to make of it.

Population of Atlanta on 06/29/2006: 4,845,701
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